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Falcon can help you manage liability and risk or within your aviation business or as a pilot.
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Aviation Professional Services Liability Insurance

As the need for an affordable errors and omissions-type policy provided by a U.S. insurer that is familiar with aviation risk became apparent - both through observation and many inquiries from people in the industry - Falcon Insurance Agency now has a product addressing that need. The result is the Aviation Professional Services (APS) Liability Insurance.

This claims-made insurance covers wrongful acts resulting in financial loss measurable in monetary terms but do not occur as a result of bodily injury or property damage. Wrongful acts are errors or omissions committed by a policyholder which arise out of the rendering of or failure to render aviation professional services. The coverage is designed to help professionals in a number of aviation and aerospace related fields including: Auditors  /  Engineers  /  Safety Experts  /  Consultants  /  Maintenance Providers  /  FBOs  /  Aircraft Sales Dealers

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Life Insurance For Pilots

Falcon Insurance Agency is offering complete pilot life insurance coverage for the lowest premiums.

Falcon Insurance Agency is offering to assist our clients in getting complete life insurance coverage for the lowest premium.

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Non-Owned Liability

Protection for individuals and/or corporations for liability arising from rental or use of aircraft they do not own or lease.

Whether you are just learning to fly, instructing, or flying a friends aircraft, Falcon Insurance Agency has a cutting edge solution for your needs.

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